" We are the leading Oil & Gas Service Company, providing the best technical services with high quality of professionals and safety commitment "

Product & Services

Pipeline Intelligent Pigging Service

Complete range of services for high resolution and quality defect identification using Magnetik Flux Leakage (MFL) and Ultrasonic (UT) Technology.

In addition, highly accurate pipe geometry, location and leak detection tools and services are also available. [read more]

Pipeline Cleaning, Batching, Chemical treatment

We provide pipeline cleaning material & service to keep and achieve clean inner surfaces so the pipeline will be in good operating condition to work efficiently and cost-effectively. [read more]

Pipeline Coating repair

Working together with STOPAQ Europe B.V. we provide unique and innovative range of products, based on viscous-elastic technology. [read more]

Corrosion Monitoring and Assesment

Working together with Rose Corrosion Services Ltd. UK we offer complete services including :

- Design, Manufacture and Supply of High Pressure Access Fittings. [read more]

Man Power Assistances

Corrosion Engineers, Pigging Engineers and Technicians, Pipeline Engineers, Facility Engineers etc. National and Expatriates with 10 - 20 years work experience. [read more]

Material Supplies

Cleaning Pigs, Pig Detectors, Pig Signals, Caliper Pigs, Corrosion Monitoring Tools and Equipments, Access Fittings, Chemical Injection Fittings, Mechanical Spare Parts and Equipments etc. [read more]

Oil Field Advisory / Consultation Work / Engineering Services

We provide reservoir and petroleum engineering consultation works for new or old field economic verifications. [read more]

Cathodic Protection

We provide Cathodic Protection services to control the rust of a metal by making that metal the cathode of an electrochemical cell. [read more]

Vision & Mission

To be one of the leading Service Company in Oil & Gas industry by providing the best technical know-how with a high quality HSE services, professional and business ethics in every single project. [read more]

Product & Services

PipelineIntelligent Pigging Service

Pipeline Cleaning, Batching, Chemical Treatment

Man Power Assistances

Oil Field Advisory / Consultation Work / Engineering Services

[read more]
Principals & Associated Companies

Our main associations and principles below, along with our local associated partners so far are working for many Oil & Gas Companies all over Indonesia
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